About the Book

The Indebted Beneficiary of Countless Second Chances

My Treacherous Broken Journey

Comfort Khumalo Keil, born in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Southern Africa, embarked on a transformative journey in 2004, leaving Eswatini for the UK to escape non complacency and start anew. Her life had taken a sudden turn, leaving her a young divorcee followed by a series of failed relationships that shattered her self-worth. Despite the relief of securing a UK visa and successfully emigrating there, she subsequently faced new challenges, battling poverty and loss but she kept moving. After her arrival in the USA, she was confronted with new different realities when she couldn’t work and experienced various forms of abuse, homelessness, rejection, trials and tribulations. Again, she kept moving forward against the temptation to go back.

Although arriving in Canada seemed like a dream come true, more traumatic experiences were waiting for her after which it proved difficult to almost impossible to get Canadian permanent residency. Moving forward for her meant not giving up even when it meant agony and hoping against hope. After the impossible happened and she was even granted citizenship, she met Sucre who was from the USA and she entered into a later in life marriage and is relishing its blessings and prevailing over any challenges.Since Comfort’s overall journey was fraught with mistakes, she’s narrating in detail about the countless second chances she received because without them she wouldn’t have grown beyond her failures. Hence, she got the opportunity to rectify her mistakes and rise above her previous circumstances. Without those second chances, restoring her hope would have been nearly impossible. The truth remains that some people could use several chances because sometimes it does take them a few chances to finally get it right.