The Indebted Beneficiary of Countless Second Chances

My Treacherous Broken Journey

Welcome to the Website of Author Comfort Khumalo Keil.

If you want to hear and learn from someone who has lived a full life, I’m your lady!

This memoir is a collection of unique stories covering my life from Eswatini to the UK, USA, Canada, then back to the USA where I now reside with my husband Sucre. I’m here to show you that the second chances I benefited from before embarking on that journey, during my journey, and even to this day, were, and are an empowerment that redefined my life, without them, I wouldn’t have grown beyond my failures.

The emphasis is not on failure but trying over and over again and overcoming, continually evolving while not living condemned.

This book has a wide variety of subjects – there is something for everyone: Those who want to be motivated to think bigger; those hungry for a fresh start; those who are heartbroken; those who have suffered loss; those who have been deserted; those who are in pain; those who are afraid; those who need hope, joy, love and comfort, and those who need courage to do whatever they can to keep moving forward, taking it one day at a time.

How does that sound?